Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Gaming World

Welcome to my blog. I'm starting this mostly for myself, but if some of you enjoy my posts on games then all the better. I'm hoping that by starting this I will try to finish more of the hundreds of games I have without buying a ton of new ones. There are just too many games being released nowadays that I don't have a chance to finish the ones I have before a new shiny one becomes available. Also, I'm a little tired of all the information I have written down in forums being lost. I would like to have one place where I keep all that information for future reference.

I would like to thank Hedge_Witch, Rampant Coyote and CRPGAddict. They have some of the best blogs I've seen and inspired me to start my own. If you enjoy poetry then I highly recommend you go to Hedge_Witch's Verse Escape. If you enjoy indie games head on over to Rampant Coyote's site and if you enjoy awesome old games then CRPGAddict's site is for you.

As for my blog I will post my progress through a game complete with screenshots and then give a mini-review at the end. I play all kinds of games ranging from FPS to RPG to strategy games. My favorites are RPGs and if you enjoy playing crpgs then I highly recommend you head on over to They have the best news and forums, imo. Although I might be a little biased since I'm a staff member over there.

My first game will be Avernum. Avernum is an RPG made by Jeff Vogel. It takes place on another world where my party of four are banished underground by the ruling government for some unknown crime. So without furthur ado I give you Avernum.

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